Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Some salty trivia

Today I was in my office kitchen, zoning out as I waited for our ancient microwave to heat up my lunch, and I found myself staring at the logo on a bottle of Cerebos salt. I've never really looked at it properly, and always just assumed it was a little boy feeding a chicken, but upon closer inspection, I saw that he is actually trying to pour what I thought was grain onto the bird. Utterly perplexed, I turned to trusty Google and lo and behold, it turns out that there is a folklore that you can catch a bird by pouring salt on its tail. Wile E Coyote even tried this trick in one of his many attempts to catch Road Runner, but to no avail. Some say that it startles the bird and gives you time to catch it, while others believe that the salt gets into the feathers and prevents the bird from flying. Then there is the more pragmatic theory that if you're close enough to pour salt on a bird's tail, you must be close enough to catch it. My guess? It was a great way to get kids out of your hair. I need to remember this for my future nieces and nephews! 

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