Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Door adornments I adore

I love decorative vintage door handles/knobs/knockers. They are unique, quirky and give any front door so much character. Obviously we don't have a use for door knockers any more, as we generally have to announce ourselves via phone/intercom/doorbell before we even make it to the front door, but I still think that I would love to have one. The only downside: they originated in Ancient Greece and were used to chain slaves to the front door of their wealthy owners, so that's not a great history to have. But on a happier note, many of the ornate details on knockers and handles - especially animals - were considered good luck, and the Hamsa hand in particular was believed to protect those who lived within the house and would prevent evil from entering. And since my grandfather was a freemason, I absolutely love the masonic door knocker, complete with the iconic compass and square. So there's a bit of history for you, and here are some of my favourites door adornments.


  1. ooh, those are stunning! I love the first one especially, but also the small Hamsa hands - maybe handles?

  2. How I wish that we could have a front door with one of those you feature. When we were in Florence, so many of the doors had amazing door knockers - we will have to hunt them out when we go!!