Monday, 17 August 2015

Black is beautiful!

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day, and in honour of these misunderstood felines, I've compiled a list of 10 fun facts about black cats. Enjoy! 

1 The superstition surrounding black cats stems from folklore of the Middle Ages when they were thought to be witches' familiars.

2 Many people also thought that black cats were evil because of their glowing, golden eyes. In fact, many black cats have eyes this colour because of their high melanin content.

3 In Scotland, a strange black cat visiting your home means that you may win the lottery as its appearance signals good luck and prosperity.

4 Head to Japan, and black cats are considered lucky for single women, and owning one is thought to attract potential suitors.

5 Despite common views, in parts of England and Ireland, a black cat crossing your path is actually a symbol of good luck...

6 ... While in Germany, this only counts if the cat crosses your path from left to right. Right to left is seen as bad luck...

7... As is if the cat is walking towards you, if you're a pirate. If the black cat is walking away from you, it’s good luck, and if it the cat walks onto the ship and then back off, it means that the ship is going to sink.

8 But fishermen and their wives always saw black cats as good luck, and many kept them on their ships and in their homes resulting in them becoming so highly valued that many people could not afford them.

9 There's a theory that the colour of their coats helps make black cats formidable hunters.

10 Black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colours because of their bad reputation, which is all the more reason for days like today!

This post is dedicated to Jasper, a black kitten with a kink in his tail and a coat like Bournville chocolate who my family adopted from the SPCA. Sadly, he was taken away from us far too soon, but I hope that he had a happy life with us, as short as it may have been. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

It's Fri-yay!

This is going to sound incredibly sad, but I've realised that due to being so tired on the weekends (or lazy, you pick), I need to make myself a list on Friday of the things I'd like to achieve over the next two days. I'm not talking about chores, tidying my cupboards or grocery shopping (I for one can't stand being at Gardens Centre in Cape Town on a Saturday!), but goals that will make me feel good enough about myself to curb the dreaded Sunday blues.

There's no time like the present, so here it goes. 
This weekend, I will:

1 Do at least one creative thing
2 Get outside and into nature
3 Phone Granny and Grandpa

Simple! What are your feel-good weekend goals? (PS I think sleeping in totally counts!)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Let's talk electrici-tea!

In an attempt to save electricity (and myself a bit of money in the process - thanks City of Cape Town!) I've decided to try something new: whenever I go into the office kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, I check to see if the water in the kettle is still hot enough to use after it was last boiled. I don't take milk in my tea so it stays hotter for longer, and I'm starting to notice how much electricity we waste by automatically putting the kettle on to boil, even if the water is still hot. Of course, this doesn't work at home because no one boils the kettle as much, but then I only top it up with the amount of water I need for one cup of tea. Plus, filling up your kettle with hot water from the tap means that it will take less time to boil. And considering the fact that I have at least 5 cups of tea a day, I feel a bit better about the electricity usage this way. 

It's not much, but maybe if we all tried to find little ways you to easily save electricity every day, we wouldn't be in the dark so damn often. PS That old radio ad about the amount of electricity we waste by leaving our cellphone chargers plugged in still haunts me to this day, so do the right thing - unplug that charger, now!