Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gone, but never forgotten

I can't believe it's been a year since Kim passed away. You always think there'll be more time with somebody: more time to spend with them, more time to reminisce, more time to apologise. Ever since Kim and I first met in Mrs Wittstock's Grade 1 class - with her being dubbed 'Miss Encyclopaedia' because she knew the answers to everything and me getting the title of 'Curlytops' thanks to my mop of curls - it was clear that although we were great friends, we were both stubborn and opinionated know-it-alls, through and through. And it's maybe because of that stubborn streak that neither of us were able to reconcile our differences before she passed away. Friends fight, they grow apart - it's completely normal. But whenever I remember celebrating any major moments in my life, Kim was always there. And I guess there was always a small part of me that hoped that she would be there for some of my future moments as well. But at least, no matter what life throws at us, it can never take away our memories. And I'll never forget the special person that was my friend Kim 'Kimberley Jane' Rumney.  

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