Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Happy New Year

It's already two weeks into 2015 and so far all that I've achieved of my new year's resolution to get fit is one kung fu class and a run (which I didn't finish), to be more organised is getting a diary and a desk planner (which I keep on having to remind myself to write in) and to eat healthier is eating more salad (which, more often than not, is accompanied by some form of carb). Instagram that bitches. But here's an all-round resolution I'd like to work on:

Over the break, I spent a lot of time watching Australian reality TV and one thing that really struck me is how annoyingly perky and optimistic and energetic and positive and smiley and enthusiastic Australians are! Despite the pessimist in me dying a little bit inside, I've decided to try and adopt a better attitude this year, even when my screed doesn't set and needs to be re-laid the day before room reveal. (I watched a lot of The Block, in case you couldn't tell.) Bottom line: smile more, frown less and try to say yes to everything. Well, not everything. I mean, if someone asks me to be a drug mule or pimp daddy,  I'm not exactly going to say yes straight away, but the point is, life is what happens when you're sitting on your couch. Or something else profound like that. Happy 2015!

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