Friday, 29 August 2014

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fashion FAIL!

Zara lovers were taken aback when the popular brand launched a new children's shirt... that looks alarmingly like the uniforms worn by Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust. Zara's response? The shirt was meant to look like a sheriff's uniform, gold star badge and all. The shirt has subsequently been removed from all Zara stores. I bet the designer is kicking him/herself for this one...

Friday, 22 August 2014

Cat Photo Friday

Fancy a trip to Japan anyone?

Kitties sunning themselves on 'Cat Heaven Island' in Fukuoka, Japan. Photographer Fubirai has spent five years taking photographs of the cats on the island, who get fed by local fisherman and wander freely through the city (including through the houses!).

Monday, 18 August 2014

Flower power!

When I was in high school, I always used to get into trouble for wearing flowers in my hair. I'm not talking about huge diamanté clip creations that take up the majority of your head, but a picked flower from the garden that was nestled somewhere in my curls. Sometimes it was a frangipani from the tree outside our lounge window or else it was a daisy from an arrangement in the school foyer (although I distinctly remember getting into trouble for that as it "constitutes as stealing"), but no matter the flower I would always feel just a bit happier about life having some beautiful piece of nature with me.  But of course, because high school was full of restrictive rules and I didn't get along with most of my teachers to begin with, I was soon banned from wearing such 'accessories' as they went against the school rules. And so the wheel of conformity spins on.

So imagine my delight when I saw that the latest trend (especially when it comes to festival fashion) is wearing beautiful floral wreaths and blooms in your hair (or, in some cases, in your beard). Yes, it's not very practical, and yes, it isn't a look that most people can pull off (I have yet to summon up the courage to don a floral crown myself), but I love the fact that nature is being incorporated into fashion in such a whimsical way. It reminds me of five-year-old me sitting in the middle of the garden trying to make daisy chains out of the very few flowers that my mother had succeeded in growing in our garden (green thumbs don't run in the family) ... and then giving up and throwing the flowers in the air as confetti instead (gender stereotypes clearly do)! Love it or hate it, I hope that this trend does at least one thing: that it reminds people to take a moment from all of the concrete and fluorescent lighting to love the world in which we live and to stop and smell the flowers.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Cat Photo Friday

I wouldn't mind finding one of these in my Christmas stocking!

A young girl with three Siamese kittens in Croydon, London in 1931. 
(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Welcome to Cat Photo Friday!

Since today is International Cat Day (I know I know, I was as delighted as you when I discovered there was such a thing) I think it's the perfect time to introduce to you: Cat Photo Friday! For those of you who just let out a joint audible moan, don't worry - I'm not going to spam you with tons of pics of furry fluffies that all look identical (even though I see absolutely nothing wrong with that!). Instead, I'm going to share with you cat photos that I think are incredible for one reason or another. Look at them, don't look at them, but get ready for some kitties!

Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds a two-week-old kitten canned milk through a pipe during the Korean War in 1953. Seargent Praytor adopted the kitten, who he named Miss Hap "because she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time", after its mother was killed as a result of artillery fire.