Friday, 10 January 2014

Insomniac much?

Last night I was lying in bed, exhausted after a long day but of course unable to sleep, thinking about how much easier life would be if we could record the thoughts that went on in our heads as we thought them. Almost like a built-in dictaphone that you can switch on and off. I was literally composing a new blog post as I lay there with my hands spread above the duvet, unable to write it down because I was waiting for my nails to dry (yes, I paint my nails just before bed. I also take my nailpolish off in the bath – don't judge me!). It's the same concept as having a camera set on a timer in your room that randomly goes off every ten minutes for a day (I really want to do that except am afraid that pale, blank-faced ghosties will pop up in the back of all the photographs, proving that my flat is haunted. I think about these things.) Yes, I know, it's not practical (I mean, who has time to edit all of their thoughts anyway – someone who has time to paint their nails at a normal hour, that's who) but I just think it would be fun to have a record of all of the wacky, cooky, awesome (and maybe super depressing) things that we think, especially before bed. Plus, as you can see, I've been super slack with my blog and this would be a way more convenient method of communication. Bill Gates (or some other techo-genius) are you listening? Or it could prove that I am mentally unstable and unfit to live in a functioning society. Either or.

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