Thursday, 31 October 2013

Just another average Thursday

I'm having a bad day. I have a cold, woke up late, missed brekkie, had parking issues, got unnecessarily crapped upon, walked in the rain, and discovered that my favourite boots of all time have a hole in them (so now I have a wet sock). Bleak street. It's at times like these that I often wonder whether or not to blog about my woes. Let's be honest, most of us don't want to hear about other peoples' issues. Which is why I find it so interesting that the increased usage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc has been linked to what psychologists are referring to as "social media depression". In a nutshell, people feel sad, inadequate or left out when they compare themselves to how they perceive their friends through the internet. Think about it: we never see pics of the unglamorous days or statuses about UTIs and bad breath. We post pics of us having fun, looking awesome and being popular. Sure, there are the occasional my-boyfriend-broke-up-with-me-and-now-I-hate-all-men rants, but the majority of people always appear to be super happy, good-looking, hilarious fashionistas. All.The.Time. And that makes us sad.

Now I'm not suggesting spamming my newsfeed with depressing anecdotes about how much you hate your life – trust me on this, I WILL delete you – but I wouldn't say no to a non-filtered pic every now and then. If I follow you, am friends with you or read your blog, I want to know the good AND the bad, pimples and all. (No seriously, posts of gorgeous people with pimples always make me feel better about my own flaws.) So here's a non-perfect post for all of you: I'm having a bad day. I am human. And I hope that reading this makes you smile (even if it is at my own expense!).