Friday, 25 October 2013

Long live Nick Cage!

It's Friday. And in honour of this awesome day, I am giving you all a gift. That's right! Because I am almost as awesome as Friday is. The other day I was perusing Pinterest and, much to my delight, came across this amazing post:

That's right. It's a picture of Nicolas Cage being creepy (as always) and lurking in the most unsuspecting of places.  Now that's what I call AWESOME! Naturally I decided to do this myself and I have to say that the prank went down a treat. In fact, after about 20 minutes of being in the kitchen, completely missing the looming figure present in the fridge, my beloved finally turns to the toaster and yells "What the Nicolas Cage?!" AWESOME! I still have one stuck behind a picture frame that has yet to be spotted - I'm considering re-sticking them up around the house for about a week, just for funsies! So now it's your turn: I give you your very own Nicolas Cage:

Save it, print it, stick it, and have fun! Long live Nick Cage!

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