Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Some people really do rock

It's been a weird past couple of days. What with restless evenings, terrible nightmares and feeling overly sensitive about everything, I've been struggling to adopt a positive attitude. But then this morning I was reminded that although there are some pretty sucky people out there, there are also some pretty awesome ones, too. Due to the fact that I live in Cape Town, I am constantly struggling to find parking - seriously Helen, you need to get on that - and since I am new to my office, I do not have my own parking space (sad face). But for the past two weeks, I have had the luxury of parking in one of my incredibly lucky co-workers' spots (she's lucky because she was away in Rio for 2 weeks, not because I stole her parking!) and I was starting to forget the stress and pain that I normally go through searching for a that-looks-relatively-legal place to park. 

After a very disrupted night - at one point I was certain that there was a goat in my flat - I woke up late and rushed to work... only to remember that I no longer had a lovely little rectangular oasis all to myself. And so I began the incredibly frustrating parking search, avoiding the spaces where I'd be charged a bundle by orange-vested meter people and steering clear of yellow lines for fear of the dreaded pink parking ticket. On my third lap past a business in the general vicinity, an impeccably-dressed man stepped up to my car and asked if he could help me. Assuming that he thought that I was a customer, I quickly thanked him, explaining that I was just trying to find a place to park. He looked at me for a moment and then, obviously detecting my desperation, told me that I could use a space reserved for the business.

I know that this sounds ridiculous, but that one sentence filled my heart with joy. Not only did I now have a safe place to park (and wouldn't be late for work), but here was this complete stranger putting his position on the line for me for no reason whatsoever. He didn't have to help me, but he did. And in doing so, this good samaritan has unknowingly helped restore my faith in humanity. If this weird funk of mine continues, I'm going to try and remember this morning and how life (and people in it) can really be pretty damn sweet.

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