Thursday, 4 July 2013


My sister is crazy talented when it comes to all things crafty, especially scrapbooking. She has an awesome blog - nickywithstripes - where she posts pics of all of her latest amazing creations. Yesterday I was perusing her layouts and was inspired to create a design for her made up of pictures that I've found in shades of her favourite colour - turquoise! While it was still in the process, Jillian at work came and looked over my shoulder and said "Oh, are you making a vision board?". I stopped and thought, "Hey, I didn't realise that that's exactly what this is!" So now I'm inspired and think that it would be awesome to make a whole load more boards with great pics to give me (and you!) a creative boost, and Nix some more designs for her layouts. Stay tuned for some more vision boards in more beautiful colours :)

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