Friday, 19 April 2013

Save Water. Save Life

Step 1 towards being more proactive:

Every time I go into the office kitchen, I notice that the tap above the sink is running. I try and try to turn it off, but (in my expert plumbing opinion) I'm guessing that the washer's broken and that the actual tap needs to be fixed. Day by day people walk in and out of that kitchen and pile their dishes in the sink, ignoring the amount of precious water that is pouring down the drain. Today, while I was waiting for my lunch to heat, I put a coffee cup under the tap... Within 1 minute the cup was full. That's 250mℓ of water a minute just going to waste. Which adds up to 15ℓ an hour and a whopping 360a day! I couldn't believe that nothing had been done about this tap and that most people seemed completely unperturbed by the travesty that was going on in our kitchen. So I got hold of administration and asked her to call in a plumber to fix the tap. Considering the fact that I have only been at my office for a month, I think that she was probably quite taken aback (and probably didn't know who the hell I was), but wasting water is no joke and I had to do something about it.

The plumber is coming on Monday and although this bit of proactivity (is that a word?) may seem tiny and feeble, I am happy in the knowledge that my voice is going to save 2 520ℓ a week. And that's nothing to be sneezed at.