Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Stars and Goats

I have never believed in horoscopes. The whole notion that just because you were born on a particular date means that you will possess certain personality traits and characteristics makes me feel as though I have little (or no) control over the person that I am. That and the fact that whenever I peruse the horoscope section, I have always been bitterly disappointed by what I have seen. Thanks to me being born at the beginning of the year – on a date which is not the best of days to begin with – I have been cursed with the lamest star sign of all time: I am a Capricorn.

This is not meant to offend other Capricorns, but it is time for us goats to face the facts. Capricorn is the skinny, pimply, glasses-wearing boy who always gets picked last for any sporting team. Take today for example: I Googled ‘Capricorn Daily Horoscope’, clicked on the first link that I saw, and found this: “By and large, your life today will be dull. But, there isn’t something unfavourable or negative about it, as the planetary movements signal a change, probably a positive one, happening in the near future. So, keep your chin up and get ready for a better tomorrow.” Now isn’t that optimistic?

The funny thing is, is that while I was growing up, I couldn’t even begin to relate to the personality traits that I was meant to possess. My horoscope was always telling me that I was a home-body who needed to get out more, meet new people and get out of my comfort zone ... not exactly the sort of thing that a teenage girl wants to hear! But as I grew up, I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with having strong family ties, and that I do tend to be a bit stubborn and stuck in my ways. I used to have a very set idea of how I wanted my life to pan out, who were the sorts of people I liked, and what I enjoyed doing most, but recently these pre-conceived notions have been blown out of the water.

It’s so easy to resist new experiences or people because you think that you know what you want/like. Fear plays such a huge role in our subconscious minds and we often find ourselves sinking into a comfort zone without even realising it. My grandfather always used to say, “Life is an experience. It may not always be a good experience, but it is an experience nonetheless.” So I have decided to look to the stars, release the reigns, and try to let this silly little goat guide me along a new (and probably bumpy) path. What’s the worst that can happen?

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