Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Juvenile Justin and Rude Rihanna

We all know that the majority of celebs think that the world revolves around them and that the mere fact that they are famous should afford them special attention (can you say, Lindsay Lohan anyone?!). Earlier this month, teen heart-throb and wunderkind Justin Bieber kept fans waiting for two hours before he decided to grace them with his presence on-stage. And just the other day, Rihanna decided to stick to her old habits (she arrived two hours late to a concert in Berlin last year) and pitched up to a charity event at a school nearly four hours late, only staying for a pitiful 15 minutes.  
What gets me is that, despite this horrific and downright rude behaviour, these “stars” still have as many fans as ever! Although there was a bit of light booing aimed in Bieber’s general direction, there was still a huge crowd waiting to greet the pop star. People actually waited around to watch someone who had (and has) absolutely no concern for how his actions affected his fans. Bieber’s excuse – he got caught up playing video games in his hotel room. Clearly he is too thick to even think up a decent lie. And as for RiRi, many have accepted a belated tweet about being stuck in traffic as a legitimate excuse for her tardiness. (Note to all: in my books, a tweet DOES NOT count as an apology!)
Clearly being a celebrity means that widely accepted social norms don’t apply to you. And that people are much more willing to turn a blind eye on account of your fame. I think that it's time for people to stop justifying these stars' actions and treat them like everybody else. I'll tell you one thing, if I arrived late for something, there is no way in hell that the people waiting (if there were any) would be cheering my name. Me? I would've buggered off home long ago! 

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