Saturday, 19 January 2013

Resolutions Revisited

Hello team!   Can you believe that it’s nearly the end of January?   How cray cray is that?!   In the spirit of moving forwards, I’ve decided to revisit my resolutions and see how much progress I’ve made so far.   This way, I can keep tabs on my aims and hopefully won’t forget about them by the time April rolls around!

Ok, here it goes: Resolution 1 was all about health.   Well I have to be honest that I haven’t had a huge amount of time to work on the fitness thing, but I have been eating very healthily and am feeling great!   It’s amazing how eating healthy food really boosts your mood and energy levels – and you don’t feel so guilty when you do splurge on something bad every now and then!

Resolution 2: experiment with cooking.   This is a definite tick!   Inspired by two of my best friends, I’ve started cooking more vegetarian meals and using spices I wouldn’t normally try.   I don’t really follow recipes and basically just chuck in what I think will taste good, and I’ve actually been pretty successful so far!   

Resolution 3 is a tricky one: “Try to see the positive before immediately jumping to the negative”.   I am trying to alter my mindset, but this is going to be one of those resolutions that I am always going to have to work at.   But don’t worry, I am keeping it in the back of my mind at all times!

Resolution 4 is about relationships and I am happy to say that I am really starting to realise who the important people in my life are.   Today I did a purge and deleted a whole load of “friends” from facebook, and it felt AWESOME!   You should definitely try it.

Resolution 5: work hard.   Tick and tick!   I had no idea how tiring it would be working for the whole day in front of a computer screen, but I am starting to get used to it and am really trying to do the best that I can.   Now I just have to put myself out there and try my hand at some different things – next on the list!

Resolution 6 has started to happen – I visited a new sushi (gasp) restaurant last night and tonight I am going to a party where I will hardly know anyone.   I know it’s not much, but I have been working 5 days out of 7 so baby steps people, baby steps!

I knew that I was always going to struggle with Resolution 7, “Live in the moment and move on from past mistakes and regrets”, and I’m not sure whether I’ve cracked it yet.   This is going to be another one of those life-long resolutions I think. 

Resolution 8 is about my appearance and I have to admit that getting dressed up for work every day is really rewarding.   And it’s great when you go to the shops after work and bump into somebody, and don’t have to worry that you looked bad!   Maybe it’s vain, but I feel better when I look better – could be the reason why people call me preppy? – so I’m sticking to this resolution all the way.

Resolution 9: talk less and listen more.   I thought that I’d been holding back, but the other day someone commented that they could tell that I wasn’t from Cape Town because I was forward - ???   But you know what, I’m not going to turn into a wall-flower with no opinion, I just need to work on reigning it in I guess!

And finally, I am waking up earlier than I used to and am therefore succeeding when it comes to Resolution 10!   Yay!  

Phew, that took a while but I’m pretty pleased when I see how much I have achieved (and it’s only 19 January!).   How have your New Year's Resolutions been going? 

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