Monday, 7 January 2013

Life at 24

On Saturday, 5 January, it was my birthday and I turned the grand old age of 24.   I have decided that 5 January is a great date: not only is it the birthday of myself and the oh-so-sexy actor and heartthrob Bradley Cooper, but on 5 January 1950 Gene Autry’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts.   There were also some other cool things that happened on that date over the years (like the discovery of the x-ray and work starting on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge), but I think that these 3 events take top priority!

I have been trying to decide how I feel about being 24.   It’s a pretty insignificant age when you stop and think about it.   The two biggest birthdays one celebrates in one’s 20’s is 21 (pretending that you are an adult) and 25 (actually being an adult) – the likes of which are separated by an age-gap equivalent to a badly-behaved toddler.   So I guess that puts me in the stage where I’m finally potty-trained but still wet my pants from time to time.

Since I am trying to be positive this year, I have decided to embrace my age and have compiled a list of awesome things about the number 24:

- There are 24 hours in a day.
- R24 is the average price you will pay for a pack of bacon.
- 24 years is the exact age gap between me and my future husband Robert Downey Jr.
- 24 December is a public holiday.
- The average lifespan of a bat is 24 years.
- The 24th song on Billboard's Top 100 is by Justin Bieber.
- 24 karat is the purest form of gold.
OK, that's all that I could come up with for now, but any list that includes RDJ and bacon has to be good!   I am 24, I am single, I am living in Cape Town, and I am starting work as an intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine tomorrow - so I say that life at 24 is pretty damn sweet!

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more! :) (Except I'd probably go with a Scarlett Johansson rather than RDJ...)

    I reckon we should make the most of our youth while we have the opportunity - and if that entails eating bacon, then so be it :) Have a great first day at work! You're going to be awesome :)