Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy 2013!

After finally recovering from an epic New Year’s Eve I have decided that I’d better write a New Year’s post before it’s too late!   Happy 2013 everyone!   I have to admit that I, being the superstitious nut that I am, was not entirely sure that we would make it to 2013.   In fact, when two friends told me that they were hosting a Mayan “End Of The World” birthday party on the dreaded 21 December, I was convinced that they were going to anger the Gods and that we would all fall subject to some seriously bad Juju!   Luckily, I was proven wrong and this crazy world that we love to hate survived the promise of yet another apocalyptic disaster.   So much for never having to worry about cellulite and the signs of ageing ever again!

Flabby skin and wrinkles aside, since it is a new year I believe that custom dictates that I share some resolutions with you.   Last year I took the coward’s way out and decided that New Year’s resolutions were a pointless tradition in which I was not going to partake.   The truth of the matter is, at this time last year I was not in the best place in my life and the thought of writing down a list of things that I hoped to achieve filled me with doubt and regret.   Shrouded by uncertainty and insecurities, I did not think that 2012 would bring me any form of success and I did not want a reminder in the shape of a list that would stand testament to what a failure I thought that I would be by the start of 2013.  

Thanks to my amazing family, awesome friends, and a courageous life-change, this extreme period of self-doubt did not last too long and I now stand before you stronger, happier, and feeling far more positive about the year ahead than I did last year.   So I’ve decided to put on my big girl panties and write down a list that will hopefully help shape my life in the future.   For those of you who know me well – or even if you just want to give me your opinion – let me know if there is anything that you think I should add to this list.   I’ve decided that lists for self-improvement shouldn’t only be a New Year’s thing and so I plan on adding to this post as the year progresses.   Fingers crossed it helps me become a happier and better me! 

  1. Focus on your health: start a regular exercise regime and get fitter.
  2. Experiment with cooking, flavours, and new dishes.
  3. Try to see the positive before immediately jumping to the negative.
  4. Focus on the relationships in your life: value your family, cherish your friends, make new friends, and leave behind people who bring negativity into your life.
  5. Work hard and aim for success in everything that you do. Be proud of your achievements and value your skills.
  6. Get out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous. Visit new places, meet new people, and try to treat each and every moment as an experience.
  7. Live in the moment and move on from past mistakes and regrets.
  8. Make an effort with your appearance every day - it will help you feel more confident and happy.
  9. Talk less and listen more. Think before you speak.
  10.  Wake up earlier and make the most of every day.

Final thought: this evening I had Chinese food and, naturally, I told everybody that we had to end off our meal with a fortune cookie each.   Whilst the rest of the table’s little strips of paper had strange sayings that didn’t quite make sense, I thought that mine was pretty apt:   
“There’s always something good in bad times”.

Happy 2013!

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  1. Awesome picture! I think another resolution should be Buy Nicky cool things from Chinatown and Tintown cos Karen's presents rock!