Monday, 3 December 2012

SEW exciting!

Thanks to my awesome and generous parents, I am now the proud owner of my very own Bernette sewing machine!   Technically it’s a Christmas present, but I need as much practice as I can get and so today I decided to try her out for the first time.   And let’s just say that I have a long way to go!   I can imagine that the confusion and bewilderment that I felt today must be similar to how a person feels when using a computer for the first time, and I could feel myself losing woman points with every wrong stitch.   As a friend of mine pointed out, it’s funny how back in the day every female worth her salt knew how to sew, and yet it in this day and age it feels like a completely foreign concept to so many of us.

I remember back in primary school being outraged that the boys got to do woodwork while us girls were forced to be domestic and learn needlework instead.   As a kid, I was always in my dad’s garage making wooden planes and learning how to saw, and so the thought of being cooped up in a stuffy sewing room with scraps of fabric and a formidable needlework teacher left me less than enthused.   We didn’t even have electric sewing machines, but the ones that you wound with a handle, and yet I still succeeded in messing up every project that I attempted.   It was probably at the point when my teacher grabbed my latest assignment (which was meant to be a wall-hanging), threw it on the ground, and screamed “the only thing this would be good for is as a floor rag!” that I lost any hope of ever being any good at sewing.

But now, some 12 years later (wow, that makes me feel old!) I am trying again.   Being a serious shorty, I always have to have trousers and skirts turned up anyway and so I may as well learn how to do this myself.   Armed with my beautiful Bernette, a positive attitude, and a desire to make my own clothes, I am determined to succeed!   Wish me luck!   


  1. Yay! Go you with your sewing machine! And I remember that needlework teacher... The Dragon!

  2. Haha! Well I have officially altered a dress - next project is your Knookie (still sounds dodge to me!) .x.