Sunday, 21 October 2012


This is officially my first “crafty” post that I’ve ever done, largely because I don’t really have any time to indulge in crafts.   However, thanks to the fact that I am a self-proclaimed over-achiever, I got ambitious on my latest design assignment and decided to dabble in the joys of papercraft.   For those of you who don’t know, papercraft is a term used to describe anything that is created out of paper.   So those designs made out of papers coils, 3D paper structures, cut-out and stencilled paper images – that’s all papercraft.

For my latest assignment, the brief was to create my own typography out of anything in the real-world, and photograph it in some sort of setting for a poster or an advert.   I, not thinking about how long it would take (and how frustrating it would be), thought that it would be an awesome idea to make 3D letters out of card and use them as the type for a poster advertising next year’s hobby expo.   Whilst this proved to be an extremely time-consuming and tiring assignment, I finally got it done and thought that some of you may be interested in seeing the end result.   I’m not quite sure what people do with these things, but there are tons of successful craft blogs out there so I figured that at least one person must be interested, right?

After a bit of research, I discovered a youtube video posted by this super enthusiastic, wide-eyed, American girl with long silver nails, and she demonstrated how to make a 3D ‘a’ out of card.   What she did not demonstrate was how annoyed I would get and the fact that it would take me four days to complete what seemed like a relatively simple task! But here we go: basically you trace the letter/number you want, leaving a 1cm border all around it. Do the same for the front and the back sides. Then you cut a long strip (mine was 3cm wide) to join the two halves together. I measured where the paper would have to fold and scored it first before glueing, and I also found it easier to glue the front side on first. Obviously straight letters/numbers are easier than circles, but it's pretty simple... Just time-consuming! Enjoy :)



  1. It looks fantastic but I can imagine it took FOREVER! Probably would have been faster if you too had silver nails...