Sunday, 21 October 2012


This is officially my first “crafty” post that I’ve ever done, largely because I don’t really have any time to indulge in crafts.   However, thanks to the fact that I am a self-proclaimed over-achiever, I got ambitious on my latest design assignment and decided to dabble in the joys of papercraft.   For those of you who don’t know, papercraft is a term used to describe anything that is created out of paper.   So those designs made out of papers coils, 3D paper structures, cut-out and stencilled paper images – that’s all papercraft.

For my latest assignment, the brief was to create my own typography out of anything in the real-world, and photograph it in some sort of setting for a poster or an advert.   I, not thinking about how long it would take (and how frustrating it would be), thought that it would be an awesome idea to make 3D letters out of card and use them as the type for a poster advertising next year’s hobby expo.   Whilst this proved to be an extremely time-consuming and tiring assignment, I finally got it done and thought that some of you may be interested in seeing the end result.   I’m not quite sure what people do with these things, but there are tons of successful craft blogs out there so I figured that at least one person must be interested, right?

After a bit of research, I discovered a youtube video posted by this super enthusiastic, wide-eyed, American girl with long silver nails, and she demonstrated how to make a 3D ‘a’ out of card.   What she did not demonstrate was how annoyed I would get and the fact that it would take me four days to complete what seemed like a relatively simple task! But here we go: basically you trace the letter/number you want, leaving a 1cm border all around it. Do the same for the front and the back sides. Then you cut a long strip (mine was 3cm wide) to join the two halves together. I measured where the paper would have to fold and scored it first before glueing, and I also found it easier to glue the front side on first. Obviously straight letters/numbers are easier than circles, but it's pretty simple... Just time-consuming! Enjoy :)


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Special Treat

Monday marked the beginning of my final term of studying, and I am stressed beyond all measure.   Not only do I have projects and a final portfolio due, I also have to start the long and painful trudge that is job-hunting ... and I do not handle rejection well.   It is at times like this that I find it useful to draw on happy memories to get me through the madness and help keep me sane.   And this is exactly what I plan on doing.

This time last week, my mom was visiting me from East London, and we were collapsed on the couch with bulging stomach and eye-balls brimming with tea thanks to a wondrous afternoon spent at the Mount Nelson Hotel.   Yes, we went for high tea and yes, it was worth every cent!   For those of you who don’t know, the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town is renowned for its high tea – so much so that you have to book in advance in order to ensure a table.   At R185 a head, it’s not something that you do if you don’t like tea or yummy eats, but as it has always been on my mom’s to-do list we decided to treat ourselves.   And oh what a treat it was.

As we walked into the Mount Nelson, I felt as though I had been transported into another era.   One where bellmen stood at attention and plush patterned carpets were fashionable, where chandeliers sparkled overhead and tea was more than a cup of Rooibos and a rusk.   Once we had announced our arrival, we were led to a pair of wing-backed armchairs and had cloth napkins draped over our laps for us.   As we were handed the tea menu (yes, there are that many tea options!) I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the delicious eats that were out on display, and I threw any notions of healthy eating out the window.   Dressed the part, we leaned back in our chairs and adopted the roles of wealthy ladies who were there to be waited upon, to exchange gossip, and of course to eat!

Apart from the delicious (and plentiful) food, my favourite part of the whole experience was watching the mix of people who had chosen to reach into their wallets and spend the day enjoying high tea.   The guests ranged from cute little girls in party dresses to oblivious old men who piled their plates full of sandwiches and sat reading their newspapers.   There were teens in even teenier skirts and foreigners in tracksuit pants and sandals.   The staff all looked as though they had stepped out of a mansion in Britain, and I couldn’t help but smile when a South African accent escaped their lips.   It truly was an afternoon of decadence shared with someone special, and one that will neither of us will forget for a long time to come.    

So if you ever have the opportunity, make a point of visiting the Mount Nelson for high tea.   If my descriptions weren’t encouragement enough, then maybe some photographs of the munchies on offer will convince you.   Go on, treat yourselves!   You deserve it.