Wednesday, 19 September 2012

10km challenge - Week 3 Day 1

12 week 10km challenge:
Day 1:             Walk 5 minutes. Jog 5 minutes. Repeat three times. 

I am sure that there are some of you who thought that I had given up on this whole running thing, right?   Shame on you ye of little faith!   Apart from missing one week of training due to excessive workload and some issues with my back, I have been sticking to the programme and have made it to week 3.   Go me!   Thanks to the fact that I run in the early evening, my field has been relatively clear of school boys and ogling strangers, thus making it my haunt of choice.   Thanks to the awesomeness that is Cape Town, there is a vast array of wildlife on offer for my viewing pleasure including hadedas, Egyptian geese, guinea fowl, and today I even found a brown crab... Ok, it was dead, but still!   Unfortunately, thanks to the rain and very poor grounds keeping, the grass has become very long and clumpy.   I shall have to write a strongly worded letter to management as this, couple with the excessive amount of molehills, is seriously interfering with my precious training!  

Uncooperative terrain aside, I really think that I am starting to notice a small improvement (touch wood!) and fingers crossed it will just keep getting better and better.   The one thing that I am struggling with though, is boredom.   I don’t care what anybody says, running is BORING!   Sure, it gives you time to think (which I do in excess) but I sort of wish there was something that I could do whilst running.   Even as I am writing this, I realise what this technological age has turned me into, where I am incapable of just sitting without a phone/laptop/radio in my general vicinity.   So I have decided that fitness aside, at least this running thing gives me a chance to escape all things electric and try to sort out what goes on in this cluttered mind of mine!

Let’s hope that I can keep this shindig up!   My bum and thighs still jiggle with every step I take which I HATE, but hopefully in time they will be disciplined into submission!   Bring on the rest of week 3.

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