Sunday, 26 August 2012

Shape 12 week 10km challenge

As most of you know, as of about 5 weeks ago, I decided to start a fitness programme so that I would be totally ready for my cousin’s wedding.   Since I am honourable to the blogger’s code of “do not lie or make up stuff so that your life sounds more interesting”, I have to be honest with you and say that (whilst I had the best intentions) I didn’t follow my regime as well as I had hoped.   All of the core exercises have been a breeze, but the running ... let’s just say that I have not yet overcome my hatred.   And despite the exercise that I did manage to do, I still have failed to shift that nagging 1.5kg that insists on clinging to my belly/thighs (not a pretty image, but you should see it in the flesh!).   Although I haven’t put on any weight, I haven’t lost any either, and I am definitely not at the stage of running fitness that I want to achieve.

So the time has come (the walrus said) to try something new.   And thanks to my lovely friend Lynne Avis, that something is the Shape 12 week 10km fitness challenge.   The whole point of the programme is to work up your fitness slowly, as opposed to immediately trying to run for 20 minutes and never doing it again – sound familiar?   And I am hoping that by blogging about it, I have a way of holding myself accountable.   So let us begin.  

12 week 10km challenge
Day 1:             Walk 5 minutes. Jog 3 minutes. Repeat twice.

This wasn’t too difficult, but I do think that I deserve bonus points for going out in drizzly weather and for the fact that Vredehoek is very hilly so that counts as extra work.  Although the mere fact that I am looking for bonus points probably disqualifies me from getting them doesn’t it?   Oh well, day 1 was a success!

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