Monday, 20 August 2012

A List Person

I think that it is safe to say that people can be divided into two types: list people and non-list people.   I am a list person.   I think that this largely stems from the fact that I was brought up by a highly organised mother (thanks Mum!)... that and I get distracted very easily.   Although never officially diagnosed, I have decided that I have ADHD when it comes to shopping.   There is no such thing as just stopping by the shop to pick up a loaf of bread, oh no!   When shop owners see me coming, they smile with glee as they steer me towards the aisle with all of the excitingly unnecessary “but look it’s in a limited edition tin” sort of products.   I can enter Pick ‘n Pay with the intention of buying ingredients for a chicken casserole, and leave an hour later with a basket full of things that I bought on special, having forgotten the chicken.  

This is why I need a list.   And in all honesty, I find it incredibly satisfying to pick out a brightly coloured pen and cross out a bullet point in a highly efficient manner.   Because of this, it is important to put things on your list that you would actually do in any case.   For example, here is a list that I compiled on Saturday: 
    -           wake up 09:30
    -           have breakfast     
    -           make a list

<this meant that I already had three things to cross off my list before I had even started!>

-          shower & wash hair
-          shave legs
-          get dressed
-          paint nails

     <these are still the usual things that I would do on a Saturday, but one feels so much 
       more productive when one writes them down!
-          do some work
-          tidy
-          have lunch
-          get petrol
-          pick up friends for Kalk Bay

Now yes, having reviewed the above, a cynic would probably say that it was only necessary for me include the last five points on my list.   That cynic is clearly not a list person.   And I smiled each and every time I crossed off one of my 12 (yes 12) bullet points, so that’s all that matters.  

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  1. I quite often add things to my lists that I've already done just so I can cross them off!