Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Snow White Was Dead Good

In this age of digital technology and laptops, I find that I rarely (if ever) go to the cinema anymore.   This is mainly because I am a cheap-skate and refuse to pay R60 for a movie that I can watch for free, and R30 for popcorn that I can make myself.   Having said that, even I have to admit that a computer screen is a poor substitute for the real thing, and sometimes there is nothing better than a night out at the movies.   Thanks to NuMetro’s Monday to Friday half-price special for all Clicks ClubCard holders, my friends and I decided to take full advantage and last night we braved the cold to go and watch Snow White and the Huntsman.

I was actually incredibly impressed with the movie as a whole, and thought that Charlize Theron really proved that South Africans sure do know how to act.   The same cannot be said, however, for her less-than-lovely female co-star.   Now it must be said that I had my reservations about watching a movie where Kristen Stewart played the title role, but I decided to put my Twilight-bias behind me and give her the benefit of the doubt.   This was a mistake.
I just don’t understand why people think that she is a good actress.   Wooden acting style aside, she has the same facial expression in every scene and I wonder how many flies flew into her constantly open mouth during filming.   Her best scene was when she died – something that suits her lifeless acting to a tee.   The only saving grace for the Snow White character as a whole was the fact that Kristen didn’t speak a great deal during the movie; although potential viewers be warned that there is an over-the-top speech near the end that you will have to endure.            

So when people ask me what I thought of the movie, I respond that I really enjoyed it ... except for Kristen Stewart.   Not a great review considering that she is, in fact, Snow White.   Thank goodness for her amazing cast-members, the great storyline, and the oh-so-incredible special effects, which combined to make Snow White and the Huntsman a wonderful movie that I will definitely watch again.   As for Kristen, I think that she should stick to acting alongside vampires and leave the more complex roles for someone with a little more ... um ... life.

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