Sunday, 17 June 2012

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy!

Hungry?   Tired of always eating the same old boring thing every day?   Well fret no more!   The American fast-food chain Burger King has an answer to your prayers!   How, you ask?   Well, Burger King has just launched its new and exciting BACON SUNDAE as part of the restaurant’s summer menu!   Yes, you read correctly: BACON (as in pork); SUNDAE (as in ice-cream).   This “meaty treat” includes 18g of fat and 61g of sugar, and weighs in at a whopping 510calories in total.   The sundae started in Nashville Tennesee earlier this year, and was launched nation-wide a few days ago.

So what exactly does your $2.49 get you (apart from an early death by heart-attack)?   Well, this snack consists of vanilla soft-serve ice-cream drizzled with fudge, caramel, bacon bits, and a chunk of thick-cut bacon wedged in like a wafer biscuit.   The sundae has been introduced as part of Burger King’s recent strategy to attract new customers to its restaurants.   As the world’s second biggest hamburger chain, Burger King is aiming much of its new menu at mothers and their children in an attempt to boost their ratings.  So to all you clueless mothers out there, you’re in luck!   This meal combines both meat and dairy and must therefore be an oh-so-nutrious snack for your kiddy-winks, right?    

It’s no surprise that the obesity rates in the United States are among the highest in the world.   With more than one-third of U.S. adults being obese, it seems as though there is little hope for their offspring.   Poor little porkers.        


  1. Wow. America's sunk to a new low - they're really making pigs of themselves...

    1. You just couldn't resist could you? :)