Monday, 7 May 2012

Violation by Virgin Mobile Employee

In March I went to the Virgin Mobile store in Canal Walk, Cape Town to get my Blackberry set up with BIS etc.   I was helped by a man named Shogun, who configured my phone and sorted out the other issues that I had.   My phone has been working perfectly, so I hadn’t thought much more about that day until I received an sms from an unknown number a few weeks ago.   The message invited me to a braai, but as I did not recognise the number, I replied and said that I wasn’t sure who was contacting me.   A few days later, I received another sms from the same number, saying that it was Shogun -“the guy from Virgin Mobile”.   This means that Shogun looked up my cell phone number on Virgin Mobile’s records, and accessed my personal details so that he could ask me out!

I was extremely uncomfortable about the situation, especially since Shogun could get hold of my address and other information, so I told a friend of mine what had happened.   He said that this wasn’t the first time that he had heard this sort of story, and that a girl in his class also received flirtatious smses from a person who worked at Virgin Mobile.   When I heard that, I decided that I had to do something about it, and I sent an e-mail to Customer Care last night.   Today, I received an e-mail from Virgin Mobile saying that they are taking the matter very seriously, and that it has been sent to management.

I’ll keep everybody posted regarding what happens next, but I just thought it was important that people are made aware that this sort of thing is happening – at least in Cape Town.   It is completely unprofessional and a total invasion of privacy, and I sincerely hope that Virgin Mobile investigates the matter further.

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