Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why Give Hate A Chance?

I have been putting off writing this post for a while now, because I know that not many people will enjoy it.   But as more days go by, and the more I listen to the radio, I feel that I simply have to get this out of my system.   I am absolutely appalled with the state of the world at present, and I cannot believe some of the stories that have been on the news lately.

One story which really got under my skin, happened on Monday when a Jewish School in Toulouse, France, was attacked by a lone gunman on a motorbike.   The attacker pulled up to the school at around 08:00 that morning when children and parents were arriving, and let fire using multiple guns.   One teacher, his two sons, and the school principal’s daughter were shot and killed.   The children were only 3, 6, and 8 respectively.   A funeral for the victims was held in Jerusalem yesterday, where thousands of people gathered to pay their respects.   23 year old Frenchman, Mohammed Merah, was believed to be responsible for the shootings, however he died earlier on today after he resisted a raid by the police on his besieged home.   Merah allegedly jumped out of the window in an attempt to escape the police, and died on impact.

After hearing about this story, I then read an article in a magazine about children in Afghanistan who are sold to the Taliban to be trained as suicide bombers.   I had no idea what kind of indoctrination, abuse, and drugging these children are put through, and I got chills down my spine as I continued to read.   Not only are some boys sold to the Taliban by their own parents, but many choose to enlist themselves in an attempt to better their situations.   A suicide bomber is viewed with utmost respect, and these poor children are lead to believe that they will be greatly rewarded in the after-life if they sacrifice their lives for the cause.   What is even worse is that some children were molested and raped by the Taliban officers, and they believe that the only way they can rid themselves of this "sin" is by becoming a suicide bomber.

These stories, coupled with the latest prediction that the Rhino population will be extinct by the year 2015, have made me really stop and appreciate what I have.   These horrific things are happening at this very moment, and yet we still find it necessary to complain about the small things like petrol prices and the weather.   I don’t think that many people realise how truly blessed we are to be living the kind of lives that we do.   Yesterday, I spent my Human Rights day on Muizenberg beach with friends, completely at peace with the world.   And I was truly thankful.   Having said that, my heart breaks when I hear more and more about the horrors that are occurring every day, and I just wish that people could show a little more compassion to one another.   We can truly heal this world if we choose to love rather than hate.   Think about it.

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