Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hot Cross Christians

I realise that I blogged just yesterday, but I read a story today that I simply HAD to comment on.   Woolworths is being attacked by a number of Christian South Africans for putting Halaal stickers on their hot cross buns.   The objectors argue that hot cross buns are symbolic of a Christian religious festival (Easter), and should therefore not be affiliated with another religious group.   Yes, you heard me right.   People are getting worked up over baked goods.   Please tell me that I am not the only one who finds this utterly ludicrous.

An article in the Cape Times this morning stated that Christian people voiced their disapproval via e-mails and through the use of sites such as Facebook.   One person actually wrote “I hate woolworths... How can you do that to the Christians, I hope that God will have mercy on you. And dnt be surprised if your shops run bankrupt.. I will pray to my living God and you will see what he is capable of!”   Wowee... overreact much?   

I am not even going to go into all of the reasons why this up-cry is beyond stupid, but the mere fact that people have taken this seriously makes me wonder about the world we live in.   Well, obviously it doesn’t matter what I think since Woolworths has agreed to sell separate hot cross buns this year – ones with Halaal stickers and ones without.   They had better be careful though, next thing you know they’ll get charged with racism against white people.   After all, why are the majority of their chocolate bunnies brown?

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