Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shoes, glorious shoes!

It is finally the end of a decidedly less than average week.   I often wonder why it is that life decides to hit you with everything bad all in one shot.   This week it has been ridiculously hot – that sticky, humid, suicide weather that only someone who lives on the coast would understand.   This is probably what has played a major contributing factor to my grumpy mood.   That, along with the fact that I’ve had my heart stomped on (again!), a job opportunity that as fallen through, and, to top it all off, I have been sick as a dog.   So needless to say, I was less than enthused this morning when my mom asked me if I wanted to go shoe shopping with her.   

Before you jump to the wrong conclusions here, I am not some crazy person who doesn’t like shoes – in actual fact I love them, and would probably elope to Vegas if the right pair came along.   No, it isn’t my devotion to shoes that is the issue, it is the anguish that I encounter when actually trying to buy myself a pair of shoes that causes me such heartache.   Not only am I very picky, and get extremely frustrated when I can’t find what I am looking for, but I have very small feet.   “Well that’s cute”, you say, “Better than the alternative right?”   Wrong!   Whilst my size 3 feet might seem adorable to you, they are an absolute hindrance when trying to buy a pair of shoes.   And what makes it even worse, is I now suspect that I may be a 3 and a half – a size which doesn’t even exist! 

Having said that, I decided to be a good daughter and help my mom find a pair of shoes (she has size 5 feet so it wasn’t really that difficult), and while we were at it, I thought that I may as well see if I could find anything that I liked.   No point in wasting a perfectly good shoe shopping trip, right?   After much searching, the shoe-gods finally took pity on me and, as I walked into Truworths, I was rewarded with these:

Yes, it is fair to say that these are my dream shoes – I didn’t even know that I had dream shoes, but quite obviously these are them!   Sparkly, peep-toe, red sole, great heel... what more could a girl ask for?   I almost had a mild panic attack when the sales assistant told me that they only had a size 4, but when I tried them on and they actually fitted, I knew that my bad-luck streak was officially over!   I walked out of the shop with a slightly lighter wallet, but with a much brighter smile.   Which can only lead me to the conclusion that, no matter how average your week has been, it can always be made better by a great pair of heels!

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